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If you like what Delegate Hurst stands for and want to help re-elect him, we would love you for you to be part of the team! We welcome any kind of help and are grateful for every contribution whether it’s writing a check, volunteering in the campaign office, adding your name to our list of endorsements, hosting an event, or telling your local network (in person or on social media) about Delegate Hurst and what he wants to do for the 12th District.  Please choose how you can help below!


Whether you have a few hours, a free day, or one day a week, you can help re-elect Chris Hurst to the 12th District.

Can you spare some time to make calls, talk to your friends and neighbors or knock on some doors? Please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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Running a successful campaign requires resources. Your generous donation will help ensure that we have the funds needed to make Chris Hurst’s campaign effective.

Delegate Hurst does not accept money from energy companies, tobacco companies, or payday lenders.