My Record

As your delegate, I am committed to voting to improve education for the 12th District, increase funding for and access to quality healthcare for all, protect our beautiful and rich environment, and bring jobs back to our community. You can see the evidence in my voting record below.

Voted for:

  • Medicaid Expansion: I said I would fight to expand Medicaid because it made moral and economic sense, and we did. In 2018, Virginia finally passed Medicaid expansion which is bringing $12.2 million in new spending and over 2000 jobs to the 12th district. Most importantly, thousands of our neighbors have access to healthcare for the first time.
  • ERA (Equal Rights Amendment): I voted in support of amending the ERA to ensure that women are guaranteed all the same rights as men under the constitution, not under everchanging state and federal legislation. Unfortunately, it failed on party lines in a long procedural fight.
  • Teacher Raises: In order to ensure that our students receive the highest quality education, we need high-quality teachers, who are paid accordingly. In 2019, I voted for the largest single state increase in teacher salaries in a decade.
  • I-81 Funding Plan: After working closely with colleagues in both chambers and both parties, I brokered one of the largest transportation funding deals in six years. The I-81 funding plan will secure hundreds of millions of dollars to improve I-81, I-64, and I-95.
  • Tobacco Use Reform: I voted in support of increasing the legal age of Tobacco use from 18 to 21 with the goal of addressing the epidemic of teenage vaping and smoking.
  • School Safety and Improvement: Ensuring a quality education for all is extraordinarily important to me. I voted for increased school safety measures, as well as to repeal “Kings Dominion Law”, providing increased flexibility for school systems to set their own calendar. In addition, HB 2720 gives schools flexibility to use grant money for security improvements.
  • Disability Advocacy: Ensuring access to quality healthcare and support for people of all kinds of abilities means voting accordingly. I voted to increase insurance coverage for autism. Read more about the bill here.
  • Criminal Justice Reform: I supported a budget amendment that would end the unconstitutional suspension of driver’s licenses solely due to outstanding court costs and fees.
  • Fair housing laws: House Democrats supported laws to prevent someone being denied housing based on sexual orientation or gender identity.